business (man) just needs to crumble away just a little more, just a little more, thats it, keep crumbling, youre doing great, really, just a little more, little more… hold on to your papers, or drop them if you like, its ok, both are ok, drop them and hold on to them but not in the sense of picking them up, you are ok just as you are, crumbling, crumbling, didnt you ever wonder how chalk felt?, on blackboard or cliff, on or off, crumbling, staying there, happy or sad, just by crumbling, crumbling down, crumbling up or sideways too maybe, thats ok, any kind of crumblings allowed, crumble out of the boundaries of whats allowed, crumbling out of the boundaries of what is allowed is allowed, crumble out of the suit youre wearing, out of the meaning of allowed, out of the meaning of a suit, out of the word suit, crumble out of suiting anything, crumble out of anything suiting, dont fit, crumble out of fitting, crumble out of a good fit, crumble out of having a fit, but dont strain too much about doing it!, youre crumbling after all, so maybe think about also crumbling into having a fit, dont just storm up there and try to barge into having one, thats not crumbling!, c-rum-ble into it, into having it, into the having of it, into the doing of the having of it, how does it feel to crumble into having a fit, be aware of it as it is happening to you, but its not just happening to you, youre doing it too, youre doing the crumbling and also the having and also the having a fit and also the fitting and fitting into the fit you are having and the combination of all those things too! whoa!, youre like the audience member that the creator schooled in bleached-white californian art deigned to grant some agency to in their egocentric self-erasure!, look out! think quick, you crumble good for the creator, now, yhear?, but is it you?, are you fitting, are you fitting in? do you fit in here crumbling into having a fit in a suit that doesnt fit but that you have a fit in?, is the “you” a construct?, is the suit, is its good fit?, be mindful of how it is to crumble into the having of a fit, crumbling proves that you are a form, and why just stop at one, crumble into a few fits, i mean theyre there for the taking, no one else is going to have them, if you dont crumble into them theyre just gonna end up on the metaphysical psychiatric slagheap, slip into a few, slip through a few, think of all the fits that people have refused to crumble into!, spare a thought for all the un-had fits, the fits people thought they were too good to have, the fits people looked down their noses at, or turned their noses up at, depending on their nose–contempt policy, because they werent beverley-hills-wellness-podcast enough, countless must be the fits that have never had a chance to be had, that have been left on the long drear shelves of the megamarket of non-being, that have never been given a chance to manifest, to bud and blossom, to strut their stuff, to groove, to show the world what they can really do with a body, like waves denied ocean they are, you owe it to their memory to crumble into the slipping into the fits that you can while you can, the fits that can still be had, the fits that are there to be had, that have to be had, you have to have this fit, these fits are what youre fated for, try them on while theres still time, slip crumbling into them, have as many fits as you can!, see how they fit, how they are a good fit, say to yourself yes this is a really cracking top-notch fit to have, and i get to have it!, we are a perfect match this fit and i, but so is this completely other fit!, and i get to have it as well!, and you know the fits you are having are a good fit because you are a business (man) who does the sums and who has always kept fit so as to have a good body that fits the sizes used by the fit-making companies (which you dont work for but thats the magic of exchange) to a T. hold to your elegance, keep your pose, your poise, as you crumble to dust, to poisonous, lead-filled dust,