from sectioned


its so unutterably fantastic not to be involved in anything, anything at all, first of all language, which is one of the things that fall under “anything” and which i have zero involvement in thank christ cross my chest. i do not partake of, i do not participate in, i do not any medieval philosophy concept language. i do not it, with that concept or any of them, nor do i with anything that is not a concept, medieval or otherwise. language is the thing, one of the things, one of the non-things, by which you get involved in everything else, which is why its so sneaky, which is why you have to look the fuck out, and not just look the fuck out but get the fuck out… of the way, or just get the fuck out. if any of your friends are involved in anything, and, worse, if they try to talk to you, possibly about those anythings theyre involved in, using language of all things, then look the fuck out and get the fuck out of there. i am not involved in language as a way, sure-fire, of not being involved in anything. i know this purely through my declaration here and now in the manifestation of revelation. i am not involved in language, and for that reason alone, i am not involved in, in any way, what has not been said yet. nor am i involved in, through language, loss. its really best to just sit that one out, you should know, trust this particular instance of a “me”. the fucker known as loss. if you lose, youre a loser, loss is sticky-gaffered to you for ever more, people write it on you of their own accord, without even first asking if youre ok with that, with language, virtual or real—its both!, and with whatever other weapons they please, and that language written on you, those selfish fucks dont even stop a moment to consider this, involves you in all the other stinking rotten shit of every-other-/fucking/-thing else, shit you dumbly thought loss might set you loose from, but loss is not loose, loss is not loess, its a whole other arsefuckery, theyre only linked by language, regarding which, as weve seen, i really shouldnt have to repeat myself: be-the-FUCK-ware.