kitchen floor

we were on the kitchen floor so excited about how we were gonna do the wrong thing and all the innumerable ineluctable consequences that would branch and flow from it, all the ones we would know about and all the ones we wouldnt, would have no idea of all of their ineluctable radiating, would know only that they were there and that we wouldnt know about them, and how we couldnt not do it even though we wanted to not do it or were supposed to want to not do it but also secretly wanted to do it as both what we werent supposed to want to do and as what was gonna happen anyway even if it was the wrong thing so we might as well be like lovers of fate.

“what a blood”, you said to me, sounding genuinely impressed.

“western europe, the other south korea”, i replied, “but at least i have not abandoned my study of alcohol the molecule which i mostly continue in my sleep or at least my tracksuit, the tracksuit i sleep in, would sleep in if i slept.”

a carpet of wasps woke up, their rear ends pulsing like fast-forward lungs.