i recently wrote a small text generation programme called mkv-this. it’s really just a wrapper for the markovify python library (which is what powers all your favorite twitter bots), a way of passing the options it provides to an end user.

you can feed it text files, a directory (tree) of text files, URLs or PDFs, or a combination of these, and it will output new texts depending on the options you select.

i have been feeding it my journal, my dream diary, my email sent folder, my notes and scrapbooks, as well as books by other ppl, etc. the types of juxtpositions, derailings and re-threadings it comes up with can sometimes resemble haruspicy, and often also utter trash, which is also great.

the code (which is very bad but i’m slowly getting better), as well as details on how to install and use the progamme, are available at