well, what have we, nothing much. slow days, random open time days obsession with useless crap days. some work days, not much essay days, a break from essay days, no writing days, no reading days, no solving my flight refund from huge collapsing airline days, they don’t even answer days, they don’t even let you wait for hours on the phone for them days, i didn’t really really finish my essay days, it was shit anyway days, will i fix what i know i should fix in it days, avoiding doing much days, a few notes days but never edit them days, it’s kinda like just pissing in the dirt days, foucault days though actually, so there are those, foucault war and the origins of feudalism + the origins of modern nationalism days, russian hackers signing up to my server days, and i don’t even have a privacy policy which makes it technically illegal in germany days, and i probably shouldn’t risk it days, i deleted all these packages coz i didn’t think i needed them days, got obsessed with slimming it down days, then realized it was stupid to risk bugging up my shit up days, and restored them all contritely days, what were they even days, were they even days?, slow libidoless days, writinglessness days, uncaring about my ongoing failingness days, nonce days, indifferent to indifference days, breathtakingly beautiful tropical autumn days, but we can’t live them days, because we are fucking stuck up here in this tower days, our snake left its tree and never came back but all the birds came back days, they sit and sing on the branches the snake used to live on days, ive seen nothing else but this ancient mountain face world outside our window for months days, unmoving days, unmoved days, the days are all the same days, and its kinda my own fault too days, mildly drinking days, flattened to really flat days, shortened days, cropped days, will i ever leave this apartment and will i ever cross the atlantic again days, fuck the fucking atlantic give me the pacific and the fucking southern ocean any day days, i never was one for the atlantic days, at least not the european side of it ive seen days, it was like a tepid bath days, but from rio i have respect for its power days, not that i’ve seen it in months even though i’m staying only 5 blocks away days, feeling old and boring days, sapped days, eating endless piles of vegetables out of boredom days, roasting or frying the shit out of them days, kefir days, green tea days, cancer food and drink days, amazingly amazing salted bacalhau days, tropical fruit juice days, cashew juice days, cramped limbs days, lame stretching attempts days, am i getting even skinnier days, no haircut for months days, strained eyes days, rsi arms days, solving problems that don’t exist days, streaming half a film until the computer conks out and we still don’t know why maybe its overheating days, the solution recommended in the online forum worked for someone else but not for you days, your mileage may vary days, why did you copy some random commands posted online ten years ago and execute them on your system you idiot days, but at least you read it days, you might as well not even bother days, console days, terminal days, command line interface days, side-by-side but not really together days, in that we are all similar to items in an archive days, wholly engrossed in something not at all urgent because that’s all i can do rn days, what else am i gonna do days, what do you expect me to do or be days, pyjama days, letting it all go days, doing it all and not letting it or anything else go because what else days, the same old albums days, and same overwhelming memories days, keep neurotically switching fonts days, trying to be interested days, trying to remember how to move days, trying to be around days, unable to be anything else than around days, everyone robotting days, except the wonderful bots days, liberal imprisonment days, same old hideous aqua glass table and our moist oily handprints on it days, awful interior decoration days, plastic fake wood grain days, undays and undays and undays.