and if concerned

            and if concerned
           about emptiness
       forget it: repetition
      empties the panes
  	    but also stacks them
          atop each other,
       endless generations
           of a recording
           of a blank tape
         blow it out into
      an ever-turning virtual
              density that hangs
               and splays you
                and sets out
          the clusters of bugs
            all over that you
           cant but tread on
              and who are now
         relaxing with an orgy
       , having ended
          the onerous work
          of converting your
       ghosting enthusiasm
        and forbearance
      of the trigger pressed
       into your finger
    into a specialist micro
    market stall on main st

                           and this is how 
                      we are each abducted

                                 into the this
                                      we are