i, digest or cubicle

  • i, digest or cubicle, rise out of
    the manhole into ground-level air pressure
    clad in pockmarked memory foam
    in an effort to pass unnoticed in the wispy white
    marquee youre still grounding to a halt in, where muscle
    fibre tunnels scrawl over the planes coy surface
    that we are not on but in. a drone-mounted arm
    convenes three centuries of exotic
    rubble in the readers digest of the deep web of the soul
    and seascapes balloon and candy out of its other
    language, for which this proxies, like algae
    that can scarcely be countenanced
    but only lived in, so
    i give to it and hold and
    conjure my hands back by a series
    of encrypted blinks, decamp.
    i have beheld the inner of blinks
    and encountered the mind
    of my spirit in the smoke billowing black
    from the flaming snorkel heap
    and gurgling into my brothers iris.
    abdicate into shape, decamp.