i hate being watched

  • i hate being watched
    i love it too
    it makes all life an artwork
    live unscripted on-the-fly
    even this sweater
    im so sensitive and literary
    unlike my winter boots
    they cut into me as they shield me and coddle my corns
    everythings just a thinking or doing of writing and reading
    and why wd anyone want to be the same poet all the time
    im a schacht of night and images
    all of them that ever were
    all the images of winter boots that ever were
    theyre so patient, patiently filling out my infinity
    , patiently cutting into me and my infinity
    i want them all
    watch me wanting them all
    i delight in my body my form my strain and band as you watch me
    watch me listen to you speak to you, watch me watching you watch me
    watch me watching your 157672 sides, all at once or in succession
    better than any building i ever saw
    even the sony centre
    watch me watch you as you fuck my eyes
    stop looking at me
    fuck my eyes