sekt and sodomy

sekt and sodomy brought us
where we are now
somewhere along and off
to the side a bit slightly of where
we maybe could have been
a time whiling, over from
where mummy & daddy were
with their sekt and sodomy, trying
to have more sekts and more sodomys
than the joneses had, so
universal salinity wdnt matter

but it does matter mummy, and somehour
the sekt must be poured into the warming spring
saline earth stubbling with jonquils and the sphincter
contract like your dwindling life prospects
and the emergency vehicles pass by your
block to another even tho your
frenemy gave them your address

and scrounging in the stuff-sack
of what you have to give and what
have you, you re-learn how
whats in there is only the unnecessary
depth btw you and everything
abstraction sucked/ripped/tore/yanked/abstracted you from,
rubber cement stringing in
pungent soil warming and the funnel
of misunderstanding everythings
dragged out of void and made
thick with.

here, take my hand, i dont need it.