tesxstxs: 3

where we are is the these we perceive, our perceiving we see, and so then through that we see our placement — and so what happens is perceived from these everywheres, these (shits) all over the places, and then from there and from that they do and make it happen, mainly by falling off or being scared to and so doing it.

and it all goes by too fast and knotted endlessly to write up any reports. and then the what was happened by them togethering and aparting is perceived through the placed perceiving and the distances of the theses that are and that see the what was happened by them by seeing their perceiving in their where. any one of these placed perceivings, and you can get one anywhere, is sufficient to shit on all the other (shits) all over the place for all the awful patterns they all make together when all seen from this one.

so we pretend our way through (the flesh of habit) all the way to (the bones of) fate, like a plane born flying that then crashes in flames, having never touched the earth.


wake up to everythings moved. in the beginning, things yelled their names at us, unbearable din, until they finally got it into our thick skulls. in revenge we owned them, but only like in our augmented reality contact lenses which we kept jamming on their heads. put your mouth in my mouth, put your body in mine and your hollows in mine. yes right here on hermannstr, next to rusted bent bike.

fuchsia and green gold when you squeeze yr eyelids down. hear the rustling in yr ear against the mouldering pillow, hear the static droning in yr brow. see yr heartbeat pounding yr eyeballs. its jolts are with you in the gel-filled articulated straws knotted up like rhizomatic bondage ropes. lie prone, do not move, dont make a sound, and listen to that spine-tingling rug-whacking.

mono tonne.

personing, quick before it gets any later. relative to what, exactly. work self into state

of plastic.

but surely the next room will be perfect and silent and will lead to my perfection and silence and levitation through red wine in a tumbler.

in it types mostly yell at you quietly after they turned away by looking at you then eating anxiously together with their sweat. wash them down, yes. red whine.


the tree was crying upwards

, we just couldnt see it.

we are moving through
the war(d); the war(d) is moving too.

we + are = were.

[we + were = where.]

[we + where = wore.]

[we + war.]

always the end of it so far.


[there is]   n o   h o m e   b a s e

so come now, lets leave us behind and go possess those other beings, the naked scarred neurotic cowering drooling bellowing so-called humans. they fear more than any other being, coz only they know what they might. lets go turn into them and king hit the streets and order a custom-made take-away fit.


suckers sprouting gleeful out of the disk
of a massive old sliced stump.

youre watching wait-tv.