with ashen hand

with ashen hand i touch his shoulder
bitumen patched with concrete
and im nothing but a slowly turning texture of bonds and flat wet cut smeared hair
having pilgrimaged hours, years, expressly for the purpose
under a porous fortress feeding on all repulsing all
happy to spit on them and smudge things round a bit
six billion in heat six billion in larp
extraordinary billions time
and again stained with themselves
repetition and repetition against repetition
that money sez is worth it
continues in me, continues in me
, an irradiating presence
in this infect burning
flanked by the hard rough calm of springs light aircraft
i walk the streets i court the air and have no memory
, impassible as an observer
“whose black heart was forged in adamant or iron in a cold flame”
then we settled a bit scared as shit
goodbyes ahead, goodbyes afoot
bad day, night worse
red eyes at parting
tearing your mech back out of my skin
after youd shuddered and sweat right through me
broken electric shocks
through old grey steak tartare wrapped in sweater and jeans
egg in, chilli in, zzzzzap
so id finally be able to fly, unalive
in the procession of dozered images
having pilgrimaged hours, years, expressly for the purpose
then there were the carefully managed forests and fowl
the previous tenant, rows of bottled mould carpetbombed by emptiness
accompanying me down the nylon tube
toward a rainbow of cooked satellites
the endless series of thwarted beyonds
held in shoulders and rhythms grouped in faggots and torched.
will it soar or dive. prob both
, ending a hideous and disturbing transmission
porous like me, pocus like me
an implacable mystical wound torn open to the infection of life
like me who cant bare to spell and never blinks
yes id love to share
some lesprit de lescalier
with you
, the other notebook reports
routed back to the conditional perfect
but figured propagandad be a better fit here
or ask after the bomb under the rug
go with me livid
let media in
clutch me gash me
infect me im victory
glaze my petroleum eyes with your bestial syrups
smear your base fluid over my carbon chest
and when the lift cable snaps
and we burst into butterflies plagiarising vampires
grab and crush them to pigment and dust and scatter them and
go with me livid and beyond