work that failed

we woke in the dripping carcass

just dangling

defenders of interest caring for number
and fingers run over rusted martian
skin, mine, toes knotted in flowering
chives and cellophane, held cloudily
in the aqua-rose stress as the
grateful smashed paste mulls
back hooks to replace the bunting
done to the others scampering
under greatcoat since salt shaker
head refilled with giant
yuppie flakes too big to
pass pet gullet preserving
destruction in its destroying

, those livid eyes and down,

would you like to show your working

to smell of liquefacting onion
or turn to lead to block rays?

the instructors never put it that way
as they simperingly scotched their relevance
but now having handed you and your impudent peers
the geometric method and intellectual intuition
theyre dead and youre
laugh-crying in the beaded portiere
waiting for the wrong messengers to message you

when the whip takes leave of the hand and cracks itself.

set your vertical by the street trees
that after so much diesel grey lurch from light
into ashtray curves leaving
grey crystals to convex out over street corner
yet i know how to wring this bottles neck
as i sketch the citys concaves in and
let it grow over itself without even
asking whose mercury it is, who
the next layers addressed to
and the sky, now, is anyones
tho hmm mayb sun has been eaten
by moon or lion
like skylark song and those photos
of broken utensils arrayed on picnic rug
as well as a score of less notorious orators of the period.

now was not a good time

to bring a cot case to bay

it was touch and stand around
on brand corner, at rest on rolling legs,
was shun what creases left behind
as the crumbs and ash of our vice
roil to the ground like scorched blossom,
see rocks and bottle tops
schoolyard and insurance tower
and yellow screaming dad
hoping to be the last lifeform left
on the slightly bent hinge we try to
ride over but our tread blunches into
the trash we ordered to be laid out
in just this newest wrinkle this sumptuous
cutprice lopsided mandala, what is alien
is what is revealed and gravity decrees
theres no core but strings and cans,
vortex funnel founts that suck
the blinking total mute guts out,
glaze the shell and spit out
a reading on the display.
it bloated and stank up
to the heights of a journal and bondage
of unmade toenails and smartcards
that met as parallel product lines
at clustered plattenbau
where you will eat
me on camera

(in the drizzle)

is that your final offering?

storms spray microbeads and -bats
around a day of easy, legal, tender
money laughing down strawberry
leaf staircase into warm
world of flat and fiat
home army away army
subtilize and simplify
miniaturize and upscale
outrun the poem
in guise of moinal shivoo, slick
with filth and ick joy
as with previous dump
to the double daisy chain.
wire-subtilized-to-air voice asks what
of this blare-as-fuck to handball
through capacious foreword and ground,

and yeah ill be here, soup to
nuts, pounding my jelly back into
crystal without that lineage
joined by a cut to the speaker
leads snaking around pills
drives and postits in the
scratch collection of today,
ever middling and obvious
ly i fell off its bow
and into the wash and
tumbled up beach of blades
to drone of sport or war

and isnt the handrail just for clipping
your feet on as you go over,
for just the right amount of torque to sync your view
to the rustred shadows racing on ahead along the floor of the night bus