you salad

you salad.
bound in knots
sitting on stools
in this fleshrope intestine
who clung to walls and
fused with trace metals
wrapped in strands
defecating strands
ejaculating viscid silk bonds
im a stick im stuck im sticky
im a stock im stock
in this fleshrope intestine
skins peeling, bonded
by slacklines and taughtlines,
tensioned between two anchors
tendons tended, held out holding out
like a stripped tent
in the sadomasochistic underground
where a gentle choke swarm
streaks hazchem traffics:
take all cues
after a fashion
doing or making our bags
on the gaslit rolling stock
emptying abolishing time
on condition of virtual reuptake
by slacklines and taughtlines
strung through shuffled sense organs
tied at one all. one / all
held upright 
in the loops of the outer network
their torsion a power
to the power of itself
orc to the orc
n to the n
, énième,
cross-binding the scales
that make this rig possible
dynamic metamorphic artefact
by aliens for aliens
mute personless script
or death and the city
available in a range of vibrant colours
eyelids torn off
you cannot blink
blood slicks your eyes
you see only pain
you see and cannot unsee
as the demon
torn off eyelids
jammed under its nails
jabs you in the eyes 
with his finger stocks,
a disenchanted mechanism
blinking for you.
so stop making excuses
and play mahjong with us tonight