char - common presence


Scout you were so late in arriving
The tree chastised its leaves one by one
The hare-lipped earth has drunk the devoted smile
I listened at day’s edge as you scaled the window
Where above the dogs’ indifference
The wholly pure experimental image of fossilising crime is crumbling
Who lends to the kind the rumours of the hostile
To the thoughtless the fate of the mutinous?
The inhuman didn’t slavishly convert
At the counter of enchanted words
Indiscernible he ranges over the route of puddles
And governs by his blood
Keeper of his reason his love his plunder his forgetting his revolt his certainties

Bestudded scaffold
Are they so enamoured of their death
As to be unable claiming it in their lifetime
To quit burst out of it . . .


You’re in a rush to write
As though you were late for your life
If so march with your wellsprings
Hurry to pass on
Your share of the wondrous of rebellion of kindness
You really are late for your life
Indescribable life
Ultimately the only one you’re willing to wed
The one refused you every day by beings and things
You manage to grab a few meagre scraps of it here and there
After merciless struggles
Beyond it all is merely docile agony brute end
If in your work you come across death
Receive it as a sweaty nape enjoys a dry handkerchief
Bow to it
If you want to laugh
Offer your submission
Never arms
You were made for extraordinary moments
Change yourself vanish without regret
In accordance with a smooth rigour
The liquidation of the world proceeds in district after district


Scatter the dust
None will discern your union