i’m a writer of poetry and other things. this is just a place for me to store some stuff i’d like to make available for the moment. i’ll be adding things in a trickle. the best way to follow is by subscribing to this site’s rss feed from the bottom of any page.


email: martianhiatus [at] riseup [dot] net.
my gpg public key.

xmpp: moss@anrc.mooo.com.

mastodon: @mousebot@todon.nl

instagram: @martianhiatus

i host an xmpp instant messenging server at anrc.mooo.com. if you would like to join and live happily ever after using a federated messaging system that supports end-to-end encryption and is not compromised by state-sanctioned backdoors or the commercial imperative to profit off your comms, get in touch or just install a client on your device and use it to create an account. you’ve probably already used a commercialized version of xmpp without realizing it, on fb, whatsapp, grindr, google, livejournal, playstation, zoom, jitsi, etc.

oil fields of death:

oil fields of death