shit is the etymology of it

“shit”, no one ever tells you, is the obscured etymology of “it”, formed by apheresis (or telling the first two letters to “shhh!”), the meaning of “it” accordingly being the demonstrative pronominal “that gross stuff”, i.e. everything (so initially “i won’t touch it”, for “i won’t touch that shit”, later extended to “it was not raining, it was a fine day” for “that shit was not raining, that shit was a fine day”, with a trace of this “that shit” remaining in the exclamation “that’s it!”), and “it”, no one ever tells you, is the obscured etymology of (the) “id”, which accordingly means “that shit deep inside the self”, and “id”, no one ever tells you, is the obscured etymology of “i”, formed by apocope (compare german “ei”, “egg”, a back formation from “eis”, “ice cream”), which accordingly means “the self with that shit deep inside itself”, yet note that this gloss sticks or affixes to the “self” the word “it”, which as we have seen means “shit” (qua everything), such that more properly it reads “the self with that shit deep inside shitself”, which amounts to a clear if tacit acknowledgement of the intimacy between shit, it, the id and the i that we have been demonstrating, and furthermore indicates the quite beautiful recursive nature of the self or i, forever wedded to the “it” and so to the “shit” that it and also everything else is, such that the dualism of subject–object or in this case i–shit is surpassed and revealed to be no more than the stunted construct of a lesser stage of consciousness: the self is ultimately no more than an infinite spiralling cycle of shit knowing shitself as shit and knowing that it (i.e. shit, or i, i.e. it, i.e. shit) is shit through its (i.e. shit’s) own knowing of shitself as shit. finally, a note on our regrettably unavoidable use of a jargon: “i.e.” is an abbreviation for “id est”, or, “shit is what there is”, which encapsulates the stage beyond the sublation of the subject–object or i–shit dualism as neat as a well-formed stool.