we know that if we are kings we are supposed to be the sun, everyone from akhnaten to louis xiv thought that, it is a staple of vitalist power to pretend (in both senses) to be the generative principle itself, the very possibility of growth. and ever since popular sovereignty we have been supposed to be kings (emphasis on supposed).

but i was walking around in the mountain prairies the other year gawking at the fields teeming with amazing flowers, and i realized something else about us<—>the sun: that maybe we are all also like suns in that everything happens, and in happening it can be happening for our eyes; our eyes are like backward suns, receptacles for the generative principle itself.

the sun sends light to plants, and plants strive upward back toward the sun and its infinite light, in the direction of what feeds them. but in doing so they also swatch open into the spaces where everything and one is, and this opening out and filling out of the spaces we happen to inhabit, it is just that it is hard not to say that this is also a striving into the infinite darkness of our eyes, not merely a performance for eyes, but a raw and visceral driving at them, into them, whether or not the eyes or their owners realize it.

this is not meant in a egomaniacal way (the eye is impersonal), nor in an anthropocentric way (there are other eyes), and the feeling that happened to me on the prairie was not at all akin to the usual self-interested leering of anthropos, it was a wholly depersonalized experience, and i experienced it as a stepping back out of ‘my’ vision to ‘see’ these interactions independently of individual agents and their positions. maybe it would be better to say that our eyes are usurping and backward suns. the black disc intervenes to capture the light being bounced back to the sun, intercepts it. it absorbs all, which it then processes into knowledges and informations and evaluations such that it can then pretend (in both senses) to be the generative principle itself.

so imagine you are a sun, negative or positive or both, you are a sun, and there is no longer any earth time, which depends on that tiny planet’s rotation as it orbits you. there are no days, no nights, no lunar months, no seasons, no years and no possibility of eclipse, of blinking, there is only burning without measure, and absorbing without measure, neither of which now occupy a point, but an indefinite field. you face in all directions, and stay the (non-existent) course.